Snouty Viewer


A plugin to visualize and convert Snouty data.

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    Easy to use plugin for opening raw Snouty files and converting them to native view.


    Intended Audience & Supported Data

    This plugin is intended for those using a SOLS (Snouty) microscope collected via Alfred Millett-Sikking's code.

    This plugin accepts a folder with at least subdirectories of data and metadata as an input. The metadata must have a 000000.txt file for the metadata to be properly parsed.


    Getting the plugin working

    1. pip install snouty-viewer (within a virtual environment of Python 3.8, 3.9, or 3.10 recommended)
    2. Open up napari

    Viewing raw Snouty data

    • Drag and drop a root folder of your Snouty data. This is the folder that includes the data and metadata subfolders.
    • Select "Snouty Viewer" for opening.

    Converting raw Snouty data to its native view

    1. Click plugins, snouty-viewer: Native View
    2. Select the file you want to convert
    3. Press Run

    Saving your native view file

    1. Select the file you want to save
    2. File > Save Selected Layer(s)...
    3. Select where you want to save your file
    4. Write your file name (recommended to end in .tif)
    5. Save
    6. Wait (this could take a few minutes depending on your file's size)

    Getting Help


    • 0.0.4

    Release date:

    • 08 September 2022

    First released:

    • 31 August 2022


    • MIT

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    • magicgui
    • napari
    • numpy
    • tifffile

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