The napari hub is a service of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in collaboration with napari.

The napari hub seeks to solve many of the challenges and needs in finding analysis solutions to bioimaging problems. You can explore how the hub is being built in the open (including research studies, design prototypes and technical specs) by visiting its GitHub repository.

About napari

Led by microscopy and Python experts and built by a growing community, napari is quickly becoming an essential tool for visualizing and exploring imaging data. napari is a consensus-based community project and an open source tool that enables high performance visualization and exploration of a broad range of imaging data, including microscopy, medical imaging, geospatial data, and more, with a clearly defined governance model, mission, and values. CZI supports development of open source and community run tools like napari, as part of its mission to accelerate biomedical research and help every scientist make progress faster. You can learn more about the napari project by visiting https://napari.org.

About CZI imaging

The CZI Imaging Program seeks to remove barriers in the analysis of imaging and microscopy data and make it easier for biologists to access emerging methods for bioimage analysis that leverage machine learning. CZI sees promise in napari and seeks to assist its development by providing resources not always available to the open source community, including dedicated user research, design, and engineering support. CZI is proud to collaborate with the science community to accelerate research and enable open science for all. In addition to napari and the napari hub, CZI imaging supports a number of grants on key areas such as visual proteomics, deep tissue imaging, and expanding global access. You can learn more about the imaging program and grant resources by visiting https://czi.co/Imaging.

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