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    Napari gaming

    Sliding puzzle

    Restore the image by reordering the superpixels using the W, A, S, D keys!

    Cell counting arcade

    Commander! Cells are intruding our dish! Control your tiny space ship using 1 and 2 keys to move it left/right. Use the 9 key to shoot a anti-cell bullet.

    The image originates from BBBC022v1 (Gustafsdottir et al., PLOS ONE, 2013), available from the Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection (Ljosa et al., Nature Methods, 2012).


    Two mitochondria navigating in a cell searching for stress granules. The two players can control their mito using the W, A, S, D and I, J, K, L keys, respectively.

    Ping pong

    Don't drop the organoid! Use your racket and hit it back to your colleague! The two players can use W, S and I, K to control their racket, respectively.

    This napari plugin was generated with Cookiecutter using with @napari's cookiecutter-napari-plugin template.


    You can install natari via pip:

    pip install natari

    Known issues

    • To make the keyboard buttons work, you sometimes have to click within the image after starting the game.


    Contributions are very welcome.


    "natari" is free and open source software. The code is in the public domain.

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    If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.


    • 0.2.7

    Release date:

    • 22 December 2021

    First released:

    • 17 October 2021


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    • napari-plugin-engine (>=0.1.4)
    • numpy
    • napari
    • scipy
    • napari-tools-menu

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