A Plugin for napari to visualize pixel values over the first dimension (time -> t+3D, t+2D) as graphs.

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Napari-time_series_plotter (TSP) is a plugin for the napari ndimensional image viewer.

TSP adds live plotting of time-resolved images to napari. With the TSPExplorer widget, you can select and visualize pixel/voxel or ROI mean values from one or multiple image layers as intensity-over-time line plots. The first image dimension is handled as time. TSP supports 3D to nD images (3D: t+2D, nD: t+nD).

The TSPExplorer offers three different plotting modes: Voxel, Shapes, Points --> Voxel mode offers live plotting while moving the cursor over an image layer --> Shapes mode offers shape-based ROI plotting the ROI combination method can be one of [Mean, Median, STD, Sum, Min, Max]; multiple ROIs can be plotted simultaneously --> Points mode offers simultaneous, point-based plotting of multiple voxels

You can modify and save the plots through the canvas toolbar. Plotting powered by napari-matplotlib.


You can either install the latest version via pip or conda.


pip install napari-time-series-plotter

or download the packaged tar.gz file from the release assets and install it with

pip install /path/to/file.tar.gz


conda install -c conda-forge napari-time-series-plotter

Alternatively, you can install the plugin directly in the napari viewer plugin manager, the napari hub, or the release assets.

To install the latest development version install directly from the relevant GitHub branch.


Demo gif

  • Select the TSPExplorer widget in the Plugins tab of the napari viewer
  • Use the LayerSelector to choose the image layers you want to source for plotting
  • Select the plotting mode via the options tab (Voxel mode is the default)

Voxel mode:

  • Move the mouse over the image while holding "Shift"
  • The plotter will display the hovered voxel intensity over time for all selected layers

Shapes mode:

  • Add one or more shapes to the ROI selection layer
  • Position it as you need
  • The plotter will display the combined intensity of the ROI over time for all selected layers
    • The shapes are 2D only; 3D ROIs are not supported
    • All shapes are on the currently displayed slice
    • The ROI combination mode can be selected in the options tab, default: mean

Points mode:

  • Add one or more points to the Point selection layer

  • The plotter will display a time series plot for each point on all selected layers

    • The points can be on different slices (3D and 4D support only) or images (grid mode)
    • Adding or moving points will regenerate the plots
  • Set custom title or axe labels in the options tab

  • Switch between autoscaling and manually defined max and min values of the axes in the options tab

  • Switch to label truncation in the options tab if your layer names are too long for the figure legend (set max length manually)

  • Set a scaling factor for the X-axis in the options tab

ToDo (help welcome)

  • Add Sphinx documentation

Version 0.1.0 Milestones

  • Update to napari-plugin-engine2 #5
  • Update widget GUI #6
  • Add widget to save pixel/voxel time series to file #7
  • Add ROI and multi-voxel plotting #14


Contributions are very welcome. Tests can be run with tox, please ensure the coverage at least stays the same before you submit a pull request.


Distributed under the terms of the BSD-3 license, "napari-time_series_plotter" is free and open-source software


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.


This napari plugin was generated with Cookiecutter using @napari's cookiecutter-napari-plugin template.

Images used in the demo gif were taken from The Cancer Imaging Archive



  • 0.0.5

Last updated:

  • 16 November 2022

First released:

  • 01 December 2021


  • BSD-3-Clause

Supported data:

  • Information not submitted

Plugin type:

GitHub activity:

  • Stars: 9
  • Forks: 4
  • Issues + PRs: 5

Python versions supported:

Operating system:


  • napari-plugin-engine (>=0.2.0)
  • napari-matplotlib
  • numpy
  • qtpy

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