3D Counter


A simple plugin for counting objects in 3D images

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A simple plugin for counting objects in 3D images


This napari plugin was generated with Cookiecutter using @napari's cookiecutter-napari-plugin template.


You can install napari-3d-counter via pip:

pip install napari-3d-counter

To install latest development version :

pip install git+https://github.com/pnewstein/napari-3d-counter.git

Count3D Usage

Count3D can be launched from the plugin menu

Adding a cell

You can add a cell of the currently selected cell type by clicking on the viewer.

  • Ensure that Point adder layer is selected
  • Ensure that Add points tool is selected
  • Click on the viewer where you would like the point to be added

The counter on the current cell type's button will be incremented


Changing cell type

You can change the currently selected cell type by clicking on that cell type's button. This change will be reflected in the GUI. Additionally, the keyboard shortcut for that cell type can be used. Keyboard shortcuts are listed on the button, and are "q", "w", "e", "r", "t", "y" by default


Undo last added cell

The undo button (shortcut u) will remove last added cell, regardless of cell type


Remove a particular cell

To remove a particular cell. Change to the layer containing the cell you would like to remove. Then select the select points tool to select the points to delete, then use Delete selected points to delete those points

This change will be reflected in the counts.


Change appearance of a cell type

Changes to the name or edge color of a points layer will be reflected in the previously added points, as well as the GUI. Features that are editable in this way include: - face color - edge color - symbol - size


Save configuration

Use the Make launch_cell_count.py button to create a python script that will launch napari with 3DCounter added to the dock and current cell type appearances already loaded


Save cells

Use the "Save cells" button to save the cell coordinates for all layers into a csv file


Load cells

Use the "Load cells" button to load the cells from a csv file into new layers


Launch with saved configuration

To run Count3D with custom configuration, paste the following code into your napari ipython console

from napari_3d_counter import Count3D, CellTypeConfig

cell_type_config = [
    # The first celltype is called "cq+eve+" and should be green
    # The first celltype is called "cq+eve-" and should be cyan
    # The first celltype is called "cq-eve+" and should be red
# Launch the plugin with configuration
viewer.window.add_dock_widget(Count3D(viewer, cell_type_config=cell_type_config))


Contributions are very welcome. Tests can be run with tox, please ensure the coverage at least stays the same before you submit a pull request.


Distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.0 license, "napari-3d-counter" is free and open source software


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.


  • 0.1.9

Last updated:

  • 16 February 2024

First released:

  • 18 October 2023


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GitHub activity:

  • Stars: 3
  • Forks: 0
  • Issues + PRs: 4

Python versions supported:

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  • numpy
  • qtpy
  • pandas
  • scikit-image
  • matplotlib
  • napari ==0.4.18

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