Tracking with motile

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A plugin for tracking with motile in napari. Motile is a library that makes it easy to solve tracking problems using optimization by framing the task as an Integer Linear Program (ILP). See the motile documentation for more details on the concepts and method.


This plugin depends on motile, which in turn depends on gurobi and ilpy. These dependencies must be installed with conda before installing the plugin with pip.

conda create -n motile-plugin python=3.10
conda activate motile-plugin
conda install -c conda-forge -c funkelab -c gurobi ilpy
pip install motile-plugin


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.


  • 1.0.1

Last updated:

  • 24 June 2024

First released:

  • 23 May 2024


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  • Stars: 4
  • Forks: 2
  • Issues + PRs: 10

Python versions supported:

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  • napari[all]
  • numpy
  • magicgui
  • qtpy
  • scikit-image
  • motile>=0.2.1
  • motile-toolbox>=0.2.5
  • pydantic
  • tifffile[all]
  • fonticon-fontawesome6
  • pyqtgraph
  • lxml-html-clean