Import Trackmate XML files for Track Visualization and analysis in Napari.

Napari Visualization tool for Trackmate > 6.0 and bTrackmate XML files for 3D + time tracks.

This repository is the bridge between the Fiji and Napari world for exporting and viewing the track XML files using Napari track layer.

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This package can be installed with:

pip install --user napatrackmater

If you are building this from the source, clone the repository and install via

git clone

cd NapaTrackMater

pip install --user -e .

# or, to install in editable mode AND grab all of the developer tools
# (this is required if you want to contribute code back to NapaTrackMater)
pip install --user -r requirements.txt

Pipenv install

Pipenv allows you to install dependencies in a virtual environment.

# install pipenv if you don't already have it installed
pip install --user pipenv

# clone the repository and sync the dependencies
git clone
cd NapaTrackMater
pipenv sync

# make the current package available
pipenv run python develop

# you can run the example notebooks by starting the jupyter notebook inside the virtual env
pipenv run jupyter notebook


A Docker image can be used to run the code in a container. Once inside the project's directory, build the image with:

docker build -t kapoorlab/NapaTrackMater .

Now to run the track command:

# show help
docker run --rm -it kapoorlab/NapaTrackMater
# run it with example data
docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/examples/data:/input kapoorlab/NapaTrackMater track -f /input -r /input/Raw.tif -s /input/Seg.tif -s /input/Mask.tif -n test


  • Python 3.9 and above.


Under MIT license. See LICENSE.



  • 4.2.1

Last updated:

  • 11 September 2023

First released:

  • 16 January 2021


  • BSD-3-Clause

Supported data:

  • Information not submitted

Plugin type:

  • Information not submitted

GitHub activity:

  • Stars: 17
  • Forks: 4
  • Issues + PRs: 4

Python versions supported:

Operating system:


  • lxml
  • vollseg
  • napari
  • natsort
  • seaborn
  • cellshape-cloud
  • cellshape-helper
  • kapoorlabs-lightning
  • lightning

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